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Phoebe Sandals

Remember when you were a kid and you felt like you could fly? Like really fly? If you ran down a hill and got speed it was like your feet stopped touching the ground, and you soared to your destination. Yeah…that’s how good these sandals are. Leather uppers, and hand tooled rubber souls. Criss cross jesus-wrap with buckles. Patterned web style leather with cutouts, and zipper down the inside. Sandals fit for the daughter of the Earth and Sky…

Why are we selling AS98 Boots on our hemp clothing website?
Each pair of AS 98 boots are hand crafted in Italy, out of the finest leathers. Rather than being machine manipulated, each piece of leather is treated by hand to reveal individual textures or colours that make each pair of boots unique.

NOTE: These boots are vegetable tanned, and hand finished, meaning that there are “imperfections” and differences in the colours of each piece of leather. These differences in shade, colour, and texture vary from pair to pair, and are an intentional part of the boots. These are true works of art, crafted the old fashioned way.

No big box style here!
Each pair of AS 98 boots is made by craftsmen (and women!) (but not children). Each zipper, and buckle and stitch is done with unparalleled skill only obtained with dedication to the craft by experienced artisans.

We fell in love with these AS98 boots and you will too!
It’s hard to find sandals that aren’t made by unfair labour somewhere in the world. Fashion forward, well-made shoes are a revelation! Anik has worn these pretty much everywhere but SUP boarding, and they have stood up to all the hard mountain living she can throw at them. There is nothing like the quality of handmade…and no landfill plastic, or child labour. They are worth every penny we think! In this case, you really do get what you pay for.

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