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Nostalgia Dress

When all the leaves are brown, and the sky is grey, head out for a walk on a winter’s day in this 70’s hippy meets modern Nomad faux wrap dress in light bamboo Melange. Two layers of fabric in the cross-over front means that you have extra coverage where you want it, while still enjoying the feather light silkiness of our two-tone melange. Long sleeves end in ruched cuffs, small tie at the end of the faux wrap skirt.

What we say:

This is the sultry, curvy, dress of your dreams. It’s pyjama comfy and va-va-voom saucy. It’s all kinds of stretchy bamboo goodness. Our web gal and mini-valkyrie goddess Amanda put this on and just said: yaaaaaas!

Why did we make this sultry dress out of bamboo and organic cotton?

Cause the fashion industry is seriously harming our planet, and using organic, sustainable fabrics really DOES matter. Since our inception we have continued to explore and experiment with sustainable fabrics like Hemp, Organic Cotton, Bamboo, and Soy (among others). All Nomads Hemp Wear clothing is also certified Fair Trade.



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$72.50 CAD