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Prana Bra

We are all about the supportive yoga bras these days. Prana Bra has extra thick straps in the front, a waterfall of adjustable crossy straps in the back, and is doused in our new Synergy Print. Prana Underwear.  are simple comfort in a brief. Matching Synergy print combined with racing stripes and bold colour.

What we say…

This is our most supportive bra yet. We don’t like the feeling of being taped down, but sometimes a gal needs to jump jump jump around, and in those instances it’s nice to have something that’s going to hold you in place. We work hard to make organic and sustainable underwear because it’s the closest thing to our skin…and our skin is our largest organ. Plus, we love strappy bras…cause they just look great! Shown with our matching Prana Underwear. 

Why did we make this bra out of organic cotton & bamboo?

Well for one, there are numerous reasons why you should be wearing organic under things, we made a quick list here.  But we also have a huge love for sustainable fabrics, and have spoken all about it here.  Just because we care, all Nomads Hemp Wear clothing is also certified Fair Trade. 




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