Organic cotton toxic free bra and underwear on smiling model by Nomads Hemp Wear

Here’s why you should be wearing organic underwear and bras

At Nomads we have been committed to the planet for over a decade. It only made sense once we moved out of production in our van and into a sustainable fair-trade factory that we would produce underwear and bras out of our amazing sustainable fabrics as well. Initially all our bras and underwear were made from hemp and organic cotton, and designed to be worn to the beach as well as under a dress. But as we learned the benefits of keeping the clothing closest to your body as toxin free as possible, we expanded to include our bamboo and organic cotton blends, and really created a line of underwear designed to offer a full range of toxic free undergear.

Model facing backwards in an ultra strappy Temptation Bra in organic cotton & bamboo

Eco bras don’t have to be boring: Organic Cotton & Bamboo bra by Nomads Hemp Wear.

What are the benefits of wearing toxic-free, organic, or all natural underwear and bras?

1)No pesticides in the fabric. Traditional fabrics (especially cotton) are sprayed with tonnes of pesticides per year. This doesn’t just affect the planet and environment, it goes directly onto your body. Studies now show that human breast milk in North America can store a overload of toxins from our environment, food, and our clothing. These toxins not only affect breast milk, they stay stored in our fat cells.

2)Non toxic, or less toxic dyes. Traditional dye processes are also highly toxic. In order to maintain that bright colour, non eco fashion manufacturers use a poison chemical soup to dye fabric. And yes the toxins that are sprayed, and used to dye cloth really do stay in the clothing. We are what we wear in more ways than one.

3)No underwire in the bras. Yes, yes, we all have those days when it’s nice to have the ladies on display. We get that. Contrary to popular conception there is no proof that underwire bras can cause cancer. But underwire bras can cut off circulation, causing blockages that create painful lumps under the arms or in the breasts themselves. Also, in a ironic turn it has now been shown that the more “support” your bra gives you, the less perky your gals will be as you age. Literally your breasts get less saggy if you have no support at all, than with a full support, underwire gauntlet, uplifted, air compressing bra. Especially for women under the age of 40. Just saying. You’re welcome.

Organic cotton and bamboo eco bra toxin free on smiling model

See the look on her face? That is the look of freedom from toxins and uncomfortable undwire…and the sassy look of knowing her girls will be perky for years to come:)