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Skyler Tunic

One of our all-time fave tunics redesigned as a shorter, sexier, sassier tank. This anti hero tank is one part I’ll slay you in the gym, and two parts I’ll blow you up on the dance floor. With a scoop neck, rivets, a T back with metal O-ring, more rivets and Cement print, this tank says: you can put down your weapons, I’ve got this.

What we say…

The Skyler Tunic is a super cool and easy to wear tank. Perfect for old and young punks alike. Anik says: People kept asking me for the Solace back, so I did it…but even better because it’s in Hemp Lyocell. If you loved the Solace, embrace the shorter, slinkier Skyler in our favourite fabric Hemp.

Why did we make this anti hero tank in Organic Cotton & Hemp?

Because hemp is actually, and seriously, the most amazing sustainable, planet saving fabric there is. Nothing else really comes close. And yes it really does matter what your clothing is made out of, and who has made it, and where it comes from. And because we really do actually care about and love this little blue ball called earth.


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