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Shangri-La Cardigan

This is the ultra thick, soft, heavy and cozy hemp knit hooded grandpa cardigan of your wildest dreams, if you grandpa was super stylish and knew all the benefits of hemp! Loose, slouchy shoulders, wide smoking collar turns into a hood. Big comfy pockets for your pipe, free range eggs, or plans for building a parallel society 😉

What we say…

Our new best-seller! This hemp knit has got a lot of weight, and just feels great to wear. Vegan meaty sweater for those extra cozy days. Knit melange is just so soft, wider sleeves. And extra big pockets. Overall the hemp knit will get bigger with time, as it stretches out.

Why did we make this chunky cardigan out of hemp?

Our new hemp knits are something we worked on and developed over years! We always dreamed of a cozy, chunky, hemp knit that would withstand our Canadian weather. So we asked our factory to help us develop it, and have been improving it ever since. Hemp “wool” is just the next evolution for our favourite-ever fabric and plant. If you want to know more about why we love this fabric so much we named ourselves after it, just click here.


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