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Manifesto Jacket

On this night of a thousand stars, head to heaven’s door in our latest organic cotton fleece jacket with diagonal Nomads zipper, army lapel style motto padding, and soft ribbed neckline. Modelled after our best-selling Skyline hoodie, this jacket is equal parts socialist revolutionary, and starship captain. A jacket for entering immortality.

What we say:

We love this new Skyline Hoodie reboot in our super soft organic cotton. It’s a comfy throw on and perfect under a Motorcycle jacket for an extra layer. Please note: this hoodie does not have a black cowl neck as shown in photos 1-3.

Why did we make this organic cotton fleece jacket out of organic cotton?

Because we love this gorgeous playground called planet earth, and we don’t want to be a part of killing it just to look cool. Since our inception, we have continued to explore and experiment with sustainable fabrics like Hemp, Organic Cotton, Bamboo, and Soy (among others). All Nomads Hemp Wear clothing is also certified Fair Trade.


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