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Enigma Tee

It’s no mystery why this is the greatest longsleeve of the season: It’s all about the badass batwing backness of it all. V-back has a cool criss cross woven back. In our light-as-anything Hemp Lyocell that makes every gal let out a long slow ahhhh of delight.

What we say…

This is our go-to, casually dressy long sleeve. The batwings make your waist look smaller, and add (or hide) curves depending on your body-type. Perfect dressed down with jeans, or go boho with a long skirt. The hemp lyocell will make you feel gorgeous no matter what.

Why did we make this dressy batwing top out of hemp lyocell?

Because hemp is really the most magical of all sustainable fabrics. We love it so much we named our company after it! We help develop all our hemp fabrics and knits and have taken are so happy with the evolution of hemp from a linen-style, wrinkle fabric that would lose colour, to the sultry, silky, colour-staying, draping luxurious fabric we have today.


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