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Aquarius Cardigan

Classic grandpa cardigan goes all hooded for the new age in cozy organic cotton and hemp knit. Mid-weight cable knit in the front gives you the “stuck at home cozy reading in a big comfy chair” feels, and it’s the perfect for layering under a jacket. Oversized coconut buttons, two big cozy pockets in the front. Two-tone melange in some colours.

What we say…

What can we say about a cable knit hemp sweater. We love the cozy -all winter warmth- feel of this sweater, but mostly we also love the fact we can replace our itchy wool with soft hemp in the cold months.

Why did we make this grandpa cardigan out of hemp knit?

Because hemp is actually, and seriously, the most amazing sustainable, planet saving fabric there is. Nothing else really comes close. And yes it really does matter what your clothing is made out of, and who has made it, and where it comes from. And because we really do actually care about and love this little blue ball called earth.


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$94.50 CAD