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AS98 Cyclone Boots

Here comes the story of a hurricane…AS98 zipper madness biker boots of love. A giant extra chunky zipper wraps right round, baby, right round these mid calf low heel loose calf style motorcycle boots. Zipper on the inner ankle for easy entry (and exit). Get on your bike and ride the storm.

We fell in love with these AS98 boots and you will too!
These boots were made for walking…and horseback riding, motorcycle gliding, and for all around mountain striding, pretty much anything you want to do, these boots can do with you.

Why are we selling AS98 Boots on our hemp clothing website?
Each pair of AS 98 boots are hand crafted in Italy, out of the finest leathers. Rather than being machine manipulated, each piece of leather is treated by hand to reveal individual textures or colours that make each pair of boots unique.

NOTE: These boots are vegetable tanned, and hand finished, meaning that there are “imperfections” and differences in the colours of each piece of leather. These differences in shade, colour, and texture vary from pair to pair, and are an intentional part of the boots. These are true works of art, crafted the old fashioned way.

No big box style here!
Each pair of AS 98 boots is made by craftsmen (and women!) (but not children). Each zipper, and buckle and stitch is done with unparalleled skill only obtained with dedication to the craft by experienced artisans.

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$374.50 CAD