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Peak Bra

Reach your peak in this season’s cross fit, hot yoga bra in heavyweight bamboo & organic cotton melange drenched in camo print. The Peak Bra is our latest take on sporty bras that breathe with you and don’t harm the planet. Celtic Cross straps in the back inspired by our Kona Tunic & edged in solid trim. Classic tank-style sports bra in the front, and our most supportive bra ever with lots of fabric in the back.

What we say…

Amanda says: This is my all time favourite sports bra. Hands down the most comfortable and supportive, and breathable, sports bra ever. There’s enough fabric you can wear it was a tank, but not so much that it’s not comfortable under a tank or t as well. It feels like it has no elastic at all, it’s THAT comfy, but I can go running in it and not knock myself out…;) Looks great with our Momentum Leggings for crossfit, yoga or just being awesome while lounging.

Why did we make this sports bra out of bamboo and organic cotton?

Because sustainable fabrics are not only better for the planet, they are better for you! Bamboo is thermally regulating so your privates stay at a good temperature, and also all sustainable fabrics like Hemp, Organic Cotton, and Bamboo are naturally antimicrobial – meaning they stay smelling good longer. And isn’t that something we ALL want out of our work out / active wear?



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$47.50 CAD