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Heartbreaker Bra

Be the right kind of sinner and release your inner fantasy in this season’s matching bra and thong underwear in our amazing Hemp Lyocell in brand new Leaf Print. Styled like the Beloved Bra but with more coverage at the front. The thicker, comfier elastic across the ribcage echoes the wide waistband of the thong, which has the same cut as our previous Naked Underwear. The bra top has a double layer of our light hemp lyocell for extra support. Heartbreaker, dream maker…

What we say…

What can we say about a bra and underwear set in our luscious Hemp Lyocell, we live for undergarments like this. While our hemp lyocell is lighter fabric, we added extra details for support including a doubled top, and thicker elastic. The top straps look so cute popping out of a tank, or tee and the print is gorgeous. This look great paired with our – so comfortable you forget you are wearing them – newly designed G-String bottoms in hemp!

Why did we make this cute, underwire-free bra out of hemp?

Because hemp is actually, and seriously, the most amazing sustainable, planet saving fabric there is. Nothing else really comes close. And yes it really does matter what your clothing is made out of, and who has made it, and where it comes from. And because we really do actually care about and love this little blue ball called earth. Plus hemp underwear has come a long way baby! It used to be you could only get thick, wrinkly, faded hemp fabrics. Now you can get serious comfort, and long lasting colour and prints…why wouldn’t you want a pair of underwear made from the best fabric on the planet!


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