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Nebula Dress

Loose, airy, devine! This oldschool goes newschool dress in our gorgeous Hemp Lyocell has the front and the back of one of the first dresses Anik ever made, but redesigned as a body-flattering baby doll. Front is knotted, and the back is a ruched halter with peekaboo low back tease. Front and back are doubled for support. Everyday dress for star-walking across the universe. 2021 Best selling dress.

What we say…

The Nebula Dress looks great on girls with curves. The fabric is doubled in the bodice and can provide quite a lot of support. Great for the beach, or for dinner, either way. The A cut is very flattering on many body types.

Why did we make this divine slip dress out of hemp lyocell?

Because hemp is actually, and seriously, the most amazing sustainable, planet saving fabric there is. Nothing else really comes close. And yes it really does matter what your clothing is made out of, and who has made it, and where it comes from. And because we really do actually care about and love this little blue ball called earth.



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$71.50 CAD