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Meadow Dress

Inspired by the boomerang styled lace-up back of the Emori Tank, the Meadow Dress is the flower girl, ‘make love not war’, sister of last season’s bad ass tank. Made from our fave Hemp Lyocell in Leaf Print, this dress has a baby doll empire waist, and a doubled bra front styled after our Temptress Bra. Sowing the seeds of love.

What we say…

This dress is so nice on curvy girls, and has become our web-gal’s favourite hot summer day at the beach throw on. Baby dolls are incredibly flattering, and the bodice is ultra boobaliscious. The doubled bra front has enough support that you can shimmy out of your bathing suit and rock this on the way home from the surf. It’s also dressy enough that you can wear it out after a hot day in the sun. Also looks great with the Temptress, or Aviva Bras if you need a little more support (and work well paired with their matching undies if you suddenly want to strip down and have an impromptu swim). Fits normally, but size down if you want the bra to have a snugger fit.

Why did we make this beach dress out of hemp and organic cotton lyocell?

Hemp isn’t just our namesake, it’s simply the best sustainable fabric in the world. Hemp fabrics started out wrinkly, lost their colour easily, and were basically for those of us that were true believers in all the great properties of this wonder-plant. Fast forward almost 20 years, and we have helped source and develop new hemp fabrics like our lyocell, that are simply game-changers. Light, stretchy, colour-fast, and a dream to wear…we make as much out of our Hemp Lyocell as we possibly can!


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