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Capris – Vipassana

Find your inner space of silence in our new ¾ leggings in macro-cool micro stripe with tear-drop cutouts down the leg. Sports seams in coverstitch for extra durability and comfort. Dropped holster style lines in the back, and extra wide waistband, and ties at the hem. Cause a stir without raising your voice.

What we say…

We love our new micro stripe fabric. It has a similar effect to mind-bending shiny fabrics WITHOUT the toxic ingredients. Because who wants to be doing yoga – or biking or working out or dancing- in pants made from petroleum? It’s hard to feel zen when you know your micro fibres might be killing the world. These pants have an extra-wide waist band, and fitted seam at the back to help them move with you no matter what you want to do. Our most sporty yoga pants ever for zen that isn’t just a state of mind.

Why did we make these booty shorts  out of bamboo & organic cotton?

Well for one thing, regular cotton is one of the great evils of the fashion industry. Click here to find out more about our love for sustainable fabrics like Hemp, Organic Cotton, Bamboo, and Soy (among others). All Nomads Hemp Wear clothing is also certified Fair Trade.


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