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Primavera Skirt

Hear that? That’s the sound of sunshine coming down and shining it’s brilliant light on you while you prance around in your seriously stunning, high waisted, long flowing maxi skirt in swirly twirly Hemp lyocell. Slender long skirt with a slit that laces up to the top and drenched in Leaf Print. Pair it with our equally laced and hot cropped Ember Tank. And yes, you can unlace it all the way up 😉

What we say…

Some things were just meant for each other, like Thelma & Louise, Anik & Louis, peanut butter and honey, and our Primavera Skirt and Ember Tank. Both this items became instant best-sellers. This was in our bags for Shambhala Festival this year! Super light in our hemp lyocell, yet lots of coverage for mosquitos, lol. If this skirt is long on you, you can fold down the waistband and shorten it up, or simply rock a high waist and let your freak flag fly. 

Why did we make this long flowing maxi skirt in hemp?

Because hemp is actually, and seriously, the most amazing sustainable, planet saving fabric there is. Nothing else really comes close. And yes it really does matter what your clothing is made out of, and who has made it, and where it comes from. And because we really do actually care about and love this little blue ball called earth.



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$79.50 CAD