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Kamikaze Onesie

The love child of a 70’s bubble gum roller skater and a solid gold freedom fighter, this cute and fully loaded onsie in bamboo & organic cotton melange is simply the bomb. Custom cleavage with a zipper that goes from way up high, to way down low. Scoop back. Four pockets with under sewn suit pockets in the back, and handy pockets in the front for your fruit-sweetened suckers. Two tone trim on the pockets and belt. Looser torso with beads on the front with the faux belt. Shorts are the length of our runaway.

What we say…

We. Love. This. Jumper. How many lollipop, rollerskating, beach-going, 70’s dreams can you fulfill with one item? It’s just so easy! It’s like a dress except you can go biking, do yoga, or stand on your head and contemplate the universe. You can pull the zipper up to be less cheeky, or bring it down and go to town. It’s a loose fit; size down if you want to drop a few jaws.

Why did we make this bubble gum roller skater onesie out of bamboo and organic cotton?

Because sustainable fabrics are not only better for the planet, they are better for you! Bamboo is thermally regulating so your privates stay at a good temperature, and also all sustainable fabrics like Hemp, Organic Cotton, and Bamboo are naturally antimicrobial – meaning they stay smelling good longer. And isn’t that something we ALL want out of our work out / active wear?


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$104.00 CAD