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Cassia Skirt

Get your frilly floral flounce on in this classic Nomads skirt in Hemp Lyocell with Leaf Print. Asymmetrical wavy hem, ruchy top band. You can wear it up with a high waist, or down on the hips for a longer or shorter fit. Perfect with boots into town, or bare feet on the beach.

What we say…

We do tend to go on about how much we love our hemp lyocell fabric…but that’s because we’ve been around since the OG days when light, beautiful, colour-fast, stretchy hemp fabrics were really a fantasy. We were a part of the development of this fabric, and LOVE it. This skirt is the perfect throw on, and can be worn high-waisted or pulled low on your hips! In hemp lyocell it feels so nice, and looks gorgeous in the hemp leaf print.

Why did we make this short frilly skirt out of hemp lyocell?

Because we deeply love this blue ball on which we all live. We got into hemp years ago because we learned how much easier it was on the planet, both to grow and to turn into fabric. Since our inception over two decades ago, we’ve continued to look for the best – natural- sustainable, and fair trade ways to produce the clothing that we love to sing, play and dance in. 


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