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Gambler Boxers (CAMO)

You gotta know when to hold them, know when to fold them. Every hand’s a winner with these very supportive slim-fit boxers in our thicker Organic Cotton and Bamboo Melange with CAMO print. Thick and supportive, and hot…looking…but as bamboo is actually thermally regulating as well as naturally antimicrobial, these boxers will keep your goods cool and ready for action naturally! Achieve self awareness with these CAMO print Gambler boxers. We also made these boxers in Meta Print & straight up Melange.

What we say…

We are always trying to design great, sustainable, comfortable underwear for the dudes in our lives. These boxers / briefs have more support and are a bit thicker than our Beyond Boxers. Ultra support and ultra comfort, without hurting the planet, sustainable fabrics are thermally regulating so your jewels stay at a good temperature, and also tend to be naturally antimicrobial – meaning they stay smelling good longer. And isn’t that something we ALL want out of our underwear?

Why did we make these men’s boxers out of organic cotton and bamboo?

Because who wants to swath their privates in petroleum? Seriously we everyone should be encasing thier personal tidbits in natural fabrics. It’s the next best thing to naked. We feel so strongly about it we wrote a blog post on it here.  


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$34.50 CAD