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Defender Hoodie

Channel your inner freedom fighter in our new Defender Hoodie in organic cotton and bamboo. Baseball cut like our best-selling Warrior Hoodie, with gladiator moto-style shoulder pads that are very flattering and add even more bulk to manly shoulders. Not that you need that when you are already an all-powerful defender-of-the-light on the inside.

What we say…

This worked out perfectly. We named it after our UTV that we use to do just about everything at our place. The baseball cut and shoulder seams really make you look buff. This is Louis’ fave piece this season, he got all the colours.

Why did we make this men’s long sleeve in organic cotton and bamboo?

Because – quite frankly- there just isn’t very much choice for sustainable men’s clothing that looks cool. Yeah sure big companies  may have finally capitulated with some eco styles, but not with very much style if you know what I mean. Organic cotton really does make a huge difference on the planet. And we sure love this big blue ball called earth.


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