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Nomads Festival Survival Guide : what to bring, what to wear, and more…

Nomads Hemp Wear was birthed in the festival scene over 15 years ago.  Many of our pieces have been designed with festival comfort and lifestyle in mind including extra pockets for important ID, bank cards etc… in almost every piece including leggings; extra hoods for sunny day and cool night protection, and all made with a deep respect for our relationship to the planet. Here – with a little help from festival veterans Tall Brian, ( who works in Artist Hospitality at festival legends Shambhala, Bass Coast, Kamp, and Symbiosis), and his Partner Natasha Cucek,(who has been going to Festivals since Burning Man cost $30!) are our top tips on how to get the most out of your Festival experience this summer.

What are your top fashion tips for looking and feeling great all festival long?

  1. Wear layers.

    Temperature is a factor, you want your sexy light daytime wear, and you need to plan for a colder night, so hats and leggings, jackets, and boots. Backless stuff for day. Anything that can also add a hood for either cool nights or hot days is good bet.

2. Plan your outfits before you go.

Pick your outfits for every night, and put them in ziplock bags, because then you don’t have to do it in the dark, or drunk. Don’t forget your accessories. You just want to be partying, you don’t’ want to have to figure out the details mid-party.

3. Pick a team colour so you can find your friends.

Choose theme gear, special hats, signs, clothing colours. Not all festivals have cell reception so be creative.

4. Bring something that you are willing to share with someone else.

Theme colours, hat’s, scarves, boas…if you have more than one you can do a theme. Not everyone comes prepared so it can be good to have some options handy to share.

5. Hoods, hats and sunglasses are survival.

Brian brings 30 hats to each festival. Getting sun burned, sun stroke, heat stroke is NO FUN if you are also experiencing an altered state, and can be downright dangerous. If you don’t have a hat, wear something sleeveless with a hood. See #7backless festival wear with a hood

6. Boots and socks are also survival gear.

Seriously flip flops, or some rad stacked sandals might be your day time foot wear of choice, but boots and socks are a necessity for late night 10,000 person ecstatic dance pits. Not just for the cold air (and yes it can get THAT cold), but also many of these festival sights are HUGE. You spend three days on your feet walking back and forth from stage to stage and dancing all night, you better bring a serious pair of boots. You will thank us.
(you can find the baddass Vintage Boots here).

7. Bring ear plugs.

Ok maybe not a fashion tip but you will thank us. Bring a few sets because you are going to lose some. Plus it’s good to share, and a great way to connect. See #3

8. Stay cool and hydrated!

It’s hard to look hawt if you look too hot! Misters, sunscreen, something in the backpack for drinking that is fluids. Not just alcohol. See #9

9. Cleanliness can pretty hard.

We use breath mints, toothpicks, gum, wet wipes, and home made tea tree spray: tea tree oil and water, you an add peppermint or lavender. Everyone around you will thank you.

10. Pace yourself, and think about the long game.

Most festivals are at least three nights. Check it out on Friday, commit on Saturday, and give it everything you got on Sunday. You want to still be sparkling and dancing on your last day there…no one wants to be a wilty party flower.

11. Leave no trace.

Again maybe not a fashion tip, but something to think about when you are packing to go. Deal with your own trash. Bring a trash bag, and pack your trash out. This includes your body waste people. Bring your own toilet. Bring a pee bucket, or porta potty if you don’t want to deal with long lines, or just have one of those bladders…

12. Everyone needs beauty sleep.

A good chill space to sleep, or just have down time is pretty important. Create this space on when you first get there, and make it a rendezvous point for your group. Tents, group tarped space with pillows, or hammocks…

13. Take time to decompress.

Think about how you can take this experience back into your own life, whether it’s celebrating more, or workshops, enjoying downtime. Take a day when it’s over to reflect, come back down and integrate this experience.

For some of our favourite festival garb click here.